Holy City Holy Bible Slave Tours of Charleston

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Our guide Godfrey will take you on a remarkable journey that blends together history you may already know with biblical truths that you could have never imagined.

Gullah Geechee Tours

On our Gullah Geechee Tour we give an interesting glimpse into an ancient culture of these mysterious people descending from way across da water. Gullah people are the direct blood descendants of the slaves brought to the Lowcountry regions and Sea Islands of South Carolina and Georgia; including the coastal plain. These peculiar people were brought to Charleston by way of cargo slave ships. Charleston held the largest slave market in the United States where the Gullah culture & language continues this very day. Charleston is currently the number one City in the world for tourism. We are the #1 City in the world for our history because we “PRESERVE” the African-American culture and experience more than any other American city in all of North America. (source: Charleston Visitors Center website)
Your tour guide Godfrey is the only native CHARLESTON GULLAH historian that is truly authentic to his craft. Come have a look and take a listen; to an ancient history about an ancient people, the Gullah-Geechee people.

Holy Bible Slave Tours

Charleston sits in the center of the bible belt. It also carries the name Holy City. There are only two cities in the world with such a high title and both Jerusalem & Charleston are found on the 33rd parallel. It also tells of the origin of the Sweetgrass baskets as Moses was placed in one at the delicate age of three months.  After Moses became a man he foretold of the great city of Charleston and of the SLAVE SHIPS that God was going to send thereof. The Bible speaks to a nation of people that would not know what their nationality is and that it would be revealed in the Holy Bible. When you see these same people walking with their pants saggin below their buttocks you know the Bible is spot on as it reveals why this curse is taking place. SAGGIN spelled backwards reveals a bible secret of who this curse is specifically designed for. This slave tour will fill in the blanks that history has left missing. Come and experience a real SLAVE tour by Charleston’s ONLY native and authentic Gullah historian. We guarantee you have never experienced anything like this.