Godfrey J. KHill Offers Authentic, Historically Accurate and Biblically Accurate Slave Tours Unlike Any Other
While there are countless historians and a few tour guides who can iterate facts about the Gullah Geechee people, there is no one in the world who can share the historical truths of the Gullah heritage from the perspective of the slaves in such a captivating way as Godfrey does.
Godfrey is a historian and a licensed certified tour guide with the City of Charleston, but his background goes far beyond that of a fact teller. Instead, Godfrey is a storyteller whose tales come from generations of his own experience combined with the stories of his ancestors combined with the Holy Bible. Godfrey is Charleston Gullah bred and was raised in that ancient Gullah Geechee community called Ashleyville by his ancient ancestors. Growing up in Ashleyville, the people of that community all played a major role in raising a child; so it was very natural to have multiple mothers and fathers. One of Godfrey’s mothers is Mrs. Theresa Jenkins Hilliard; who played a major role in his life.
After Godfrey’s grandmother, Geneva Jenkins Jefferson, plucked him from that sweetgrass basket; Theresa Jenkins Hilliard stepped into his life and helped guide him along the path of the ancient Gullah Geechee heritage. She has been featured on National Geographic and the Smithsonian museum where she told stories of the Gullah people.
Holy City Holy Bible is the first Official slave tour in the state of South Carolina and offers a very rare glimpse at the area’s slave trade, as well as the alive-and-well Gullah Geechee culture. If you’ve never heard of the Gullah people, or if you’re wondering who these people really are, you’ll never find a more authentic explanation and demonstration of this remarkable culture than Holy City Holy Bible Slave Tours of Charleston.