Mr. Godfrey is a Powerhouse!! This guy is passionate,

Mr. Godfrey is a Powerhouse!!! This guy is passionate, entertaining, and very knowledgeable on his tour! His efforts in trying to capture Charleston’s history, the experiences of life from the African-American’s perspective, and adjoining Biblical facts makes this tour an unforgettable experience! I am going to round up people from the community to experience this tour very soon! I really believe it will help people appreciate the historical value of Charleston from a much broader perspective! “You can appreciate where you are going when you can understand where you came from.” CHEERS!

I have never been so amazed!!

I have never been so amazed!! Godfrey is extremely knowledge and I learned so so much about Charleston that I have never ever known. Of the very many tours Ive taken, this is by far the very best tour I have ever taken!

A must if you go to Charleston

Great tour!! A must if you go to Charleston. Godfrey had great knowledge of the city. This tour has something for everyone



This tour is a wonderful experience!

This tour is a wonderful experience from beginning to end. The tour guide, Godfrey, is extremely welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. Although I am familiar with facts and places of interest involving slavery in Charleston, I was able to learn much more through Godfrey’s authentic Gullah life experience and his venerable insights into scripture. He has a poetic and divine gift of connecting ancient texts with the present dynamics of the Holy City. All the while, as a licensed tour guide, he is able to expound on general history, architecture, as well as local anecdotes since he grew up on the Ashley River. I recommend that everyone take part in learning more about Charleston through this tour. Enjoy . . . it is time well spent with an awesome local historian!


Informative tour! It was absolutely mesmerizing!

I was in Charleston over the weekend and had the good fortune of a Gullah tour with Godfrey.  It was absolutely mesmerizing!  So informative and he gave the “true” history of Charleston that other tour I took never mentioned.  I highly recommend that if you are in Charleston SC and want a fabulous tour that you get on the bus with Godfrey, you will not be disappointed.


Informative tour!

Highly informative tour. Godfrey was engaged, knowledgeable and friendly. The tour was informative and the tour bus was star of the art to provide a more interactive tour experience.



Amazing tour with an amazing tour guide!!!

Godfrey was great!  Extremely knowledgable.  The accommodations were very comfortable.  He is a historian but very relatable in his delivery.  A history tour not to be missed.